The July/August Issue

Blue Bliss: The World’s Most Spectacular Swimming Pools

  • The Stories Behind Erwin Olaf’s Trailblazing Photography
  • Ibiza Reborn: Discover The Other Side Of The Iconic Island
  • Business Lunch With Multi-Entrepreneur Marian Spier
The July/August Issue

Editorial Excellence

The new Holland Herald concept emphasizes visual storytelling through breath-taking photography, innovative content and quality journalism. Unique and exciting stories combined with fascinating images and the best of design.

Global Traveller

Interviews with iconic trendsetting professionals and industry leaders. We delve into professional accomplishments and the unifying theme: love of travel.

Best-of Lists

Theme-based lists of the best the world has to offer: best rooftop pools and spas, best undiscovered beaches, best safaris, best island getaways - to name a few.

Insider Guides

Local personalities - from artists and gallery curators to food critics and entertainers - give our readers insider tips. Where to go. What to do. Where to eat. What to see. Well-known landmarks and hidden gems.

Art, fashion, food & more

A selection of all things worth travelling for: events, places, fashion, food, design and sport. Smart ideas for day and night.

Travel Stories

In the travel stories we take a close look at KLM's destinations worldwide. The focus here is on all things local - people, trends, attitudes and of course, plenty of travel tips.