The May Issue

Photographer Jasper Doest talks about his intrepid travels and animal-friendly mission

  • Exploring Some of The World’s Most Stunning Lakes
  • Your Day & Night Guide To The Hottest Places In Medan
  • How to Experience Canada Behind The Wheel of a Truck Camper
The May Issue

Editorial Excellence

The new Holland Herald concept emphasises
visual storytelling through breathtaking photography, innovative content and highquality design. Holland Herald inspires readers to travel the world in a more conscious way and to support local communities.

Art, Design, Food & Gadgets

In The Selection pages, we present cultural and lifestyle highlights from around the globe. Enjoy the events, exhibitions, foodie hotspots, gadgets, fashion trends (and more) that our editorial team have carefully selected.

Happy Places

This article features theme-based bucketlist
destinations that are the best the world has to offer, such as amazing natural wonders and awe-inspiring island getaways.

Around the globe

Our main travel story takes a close look at KLM’s worldwide destinations. The focus is on cherishing the beautiful world we live in and travelling in a more conscious way. And, of course, it features plenty of unique travel tips from our award-winning travel journalists.

Game Changer

This section features an in-depth interview with a passionate, iconic professional or industry leader; someone who is not only gifted but who wants to make our world a better place.

Insider Guides

Local personalities – from gallery curators to artists and food critics – provide tips so our readers can explore cities worldwide in a more sustainable way. What to see; where to go hiking; where to rent a bike; where to eat the best vegan food; where to drink the tastiest cocktails: enjoy these hidden gems.